CCTV Surveys and Inspections.

When is a chimney CCTV inspection survey required?

  • If you suspect you have had a chimney fire
  • If you have just purchased a new property
  • If you are considering changing your appliance, or reverting back to an open fire
  • If you or your adjoining neighbour can smell smoke when your appliance is lit
  • If there are signs of damage on your chimney breasts or stack

Chimney CCTV inspections clearly view the inside of the chimney flue using the latest camera technology and equipment. Damage and any blockages are visible without intrusive works required to the main chimney structure.

Our investigations involve both an internal and external examination of the chimney. To enable us to carry out a CCTV inspection we begin by cleaning the soot deposits in the flue to ensure full visibility for the CCTV.

We are a completely independent company and although we are qualified to reline chimneys and fit appliances we don’t as we want to give you 100% confidence in our findings. We can, however, give details of companies that we deal with on a regular basis for this work to be undertaken.

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