If you suspect you have had a chimney fire or sustained internal damage.

Then why not contact us first to do a chimney survey.

Our chimney survey includes:

  • Full chimney clean
  • Internal CCTV footage of your chimney
  • External survey of chimney stack and pots
  • Written survey report with photos and CCTV footage.
If our survey reveals that you have had a fire you could claim off your household insurance for the damage to be rectified. When making an insurance claim the property owner/insured person would contact their insurance company to initiate the claim process and will be assigned a loss adjuster.

From this point, we will deal directly with the loss adjuster on your behalf by sending a full written survey report with photographs and a copy of the CCTV footage. We will endeavour to get this information to the loss adjuster prior to them undertaking their assessment at the property to make this process as quick as possible for you the homeowner.

We currently deal with the majority of the largest loss adjusters and insurance companies in the Republic of Ireland.

Give us a call to start your hassle free claims process on 045 523 834

We’ll be happy to run through the claims procedure and
answer any questions you might have..