Chimneys stand proud of the roofline and are, therefore, more exposed to year round extreme weather conditions than any other part of your home. Water penetration is the greatest cause of deterioration and damage to your chimney and it causes many homeowners headaches and this is why waterproofing or latex covering is required.

Sometimes a leaking chimney is caused by poor brickwork and mortar joints. Spending just a small amount of time and money could save you thousands of euros in the long run. Making your chimney water tight will prolong the life of your chimney and will help prevent contamination and damp within your home.


A chimney crown is the masonry cap around the chimney flues at the very top of the stack and protects your chimney from the harmful effects of Mother Nature.

Every crown has a limited life span which is determined by weather conditions. The chimney flue, that passes through the crown contracts and expands with climate changes, however, the mortar surrounding the flues doesn’t, eventually causing it to crack.

A crack in the crown does not mean your chimney is not structurally sound but could allow water ingress through the cracks which in time will cause leaks into your home. Small cracks will eventually turn to bigger cracks and the crown will eventually deteriorate beyond repair and will have to be replaced which could be time-consuming and costly.

Chim Chimney can latex your existing crown, preventing any further damage to your home. This comes with a 15-year warranty.

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